Sustainable by nature

Value-added wooden packaging for fruit and vegetables

Sustainable by nature

Wooden crates for fruit and vegetables

Wooden packaging such as wooden sides, fruit crates and vegetable crates are environmentally friendly, sustainable, of high quality and also create a lasting freshness thanks to the natural microclimate.

The EU has declared war on numerous plastic items. In an increasingly competitive food market, wooden crates and crates provide a unique selling point compared to other retailers. The switch from plastic to wood is therefore worthwhile!

The companies that are members of GROW e.V. source their wood exclusively from certified municipal or state forestry offices and are subject to very strict quality guidelines with regard to production. This means that the production of each crate can be traced from the tree to the finished crate.

Wood also impresses in terms of hygiene thanks to its natural properties and advantages over alternative materials. Due to the system, there is no risk of pesticides or resistant germs being carried over. The GROW companies are also committed to a higher degree of automation and compatibility with other packaging.

Conclusion: Go for wood, the perfect packaging! It is natural, environmentally friendly, healthy, reusable and biodegradable.

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Wooden packaging

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