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Natural wooden packaging for fruit and vegetables

10 Arguments in favor of wooden fruit and vegetable packaging

1. Wooden walkways are significantly cheaper

Wooden crates are significantly cheaper than the corresponding cardboard packaging. This makes them the first choice for producers - and the only way they can offer high-quality goods even at low prices.

2. With wood, outdoor use is possible in any weather

For decades, handling during harvesting has been geared towards the use of wooden packaging. This is particularly due to outdoor cultivation and the unpredictable weather conditions.

3. Wooden packaging is durable

The shelf life of products in wooden packaging is greater than that of cardboard, especially in warm or humid weather conditions. Studies have shown that the best way to prevent loss of quality and weight due to cooling and heating during transportation is to use wooden crates.

4. Wooden crates are produced regionally

Wooden walkways are produced regionally by family businesses in the growing regions, are available at all times and can be ordered promptly within Germany. Fast-growing poplar and beech wood is used. By contrast, the delivery time for cardboard trays is six weeks or sometimes even longer.

5. Wooden packaging is sustainable and ecological

The public perception is that wooden packaging is not only visually appealing and of high quality, but also sustainable and therefore ecologically correct. However, this is not just an impression, but gets to the heart of the matter. In fact, wooden crates are more environmentally friendly and sustainable than almost any other product.

6. Wooden steps and crates are conspicuous

In an increasingly competitive food market, high-quality wooden crates and crates provide a unique selling point compared to other product ranges.

7. Wooden packaging is hygienic and antibacterial

Wooden packaging protects the quality of the product, but - and only a few people know this - it is also hygienically perfect and even has an antibacterial effect. The microclimate in the wooden packaging ensures that the product retains its natural freshness.

8. Wooden crates are recyclable and are used as bioenergy

Wood piles can be easily recycled or used as bioenergy. In Germany, high-quality recycling options are upright for more than 10 million tons of waste wood.

9. Wooden crates are made from certified and regional

The manufacturers source the wood exclusively from municipal or state forestry offices that are certified accordingly. This means that the production of each crate can be traced from the tree to the finished crate.

10. Wooden crates are standardized

The manufacturers are committed to a high degree of automation and compatibility with other packaging.

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